Friday, May 27, 2011

the yucky bug

May 17th, 2011

While snuggling with my little one on the couch, he started whimpering and while I was trying to figure out what it meant, I got a nice visual of what it was.
Poor Ezra got violently ill. 
He threw up his milk all over himself, the couch, his blanket and me. 
It was horrible. [and very smelly!]

So we made a bed on the couch. Underneath what you see here is a crib mattress protector sheet and a towel. I did NOT want it to get through again.

I gave Ezra a bowl.. he LOVED it. Until it came time to use it that is.

It freaked him out and he would push it away whenever I put it in front of him. It did not work well.

After 3 clothes changes, we opted to be naked. and on top of blankets and pillows.
(The set from the last picture were all in the wash because he had thrown up all over them.)

Then we got dressed again, sort of. 

But it didn't last long. Right after this picture, he got violently ill all over everything here. 

So we changed again. Here he is wearing one of Addie's PJ shirts because it was all he wanted.
(He is drinking 1 tbsp of water or juice at a time in each picture.. it was very minimal and he hated it!)

This was the last picture I took that day.
He finally felt well enough to fall asleep.
Unfortunately it only lasted 40 minutes before he was violently ill all over us both.

He threw up a total of 12 times between 11:00am and 6:00pm.
He was so sad and so upset. It scared him every time, and when it would start he would try to crawl onto my lap and lay down. It was so so hard to watch him be so panicked when I had to hold him in place, or give him a bowl. He was so terrified and so upset. 

I hate to see my children sick, especially when there is no way to get them to understand what is happening.
It was awful, and I felt like a bad mom.

Actual Facebook Status':
I've got bronchitis pretty bad, and while resting on the couch with Ezra this morning because moving makes me cough lots, he threw up all over both of us. (gross) the poor kid is mad that I won't let him have milk and that I'm making him lay down right now. But he says his tummy hurts and he looks a little pale so I think he's best resting.

We've hit 4 times in less than an hour, and it is at least what he has had today. He is so pale and weak and just mopy. I think he may have the stomach flu. I've given up on getting him redressed.. We will just use blankets today. Poor kid. It's so sad, it scares him every time he throws up. :(

It's heartbreaking to watch your child suffer. Ezra was so sick he couldn't have milk or food and he was throwing up so frequently that I had to limit how much he could drink at a time. He was so hungry and thirsty and he looked at me with such sad pleading eyes. I felt so bad to keep these things from him but it was for the best. We've finally made it 3 hrs without puke, I'm hoping we get through the night. :/

Luckily we did.. but it was rough. 
The next day was much better. 

We snuggled, and Ezra had fun taking "cheese" with my phone.
[He begs for "mommy phone cheese" every day. He just wants me to open the camera and then he takes random pictures. He is getting good!]

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of him ever. 
Such a very smart boy!

He also asked to play games.. We played the Sesame Street alphabet game.. 
he LOVES his letters! He was cheering because I was opening it for him.

Here he is just looking at pictures and he was telling me what they were. 
It made him so happy!

He is such a smart kid, and it was so nice that this bug only lasted one day, and then just a tummy ache the next day.

Unfortunately Addie got it on 'the next day'. Hers only lasted one day, and the a tummy ache the next also. She was at Marie's though, so we didn't get/have to do cleaning for that one too. [Even though it was so gross it made me feel sick, I would have gladly done it for Addie too. It's what you do when you love your kids.] 

Both kids are doing well now.. and are actually sleeping.
Well, Addie is snoring and Ezra is sleep talking about Crazy Hippo (for another post). 
It is so wonderful. 
But now I'm off to bed. 

1 part of catch up complete.
So much more to come. 

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