Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Counting contractions

I am sitting here waiting for the medicine to kick in to stop the contractions.. or at least slow them down and break them up a bit.

I thought that maybe trying to blog while I did it would help distract me, but I can't seem to think straight.

So instead I will sit here and read your blogs about your lives, and hope it kicks in soon so I can get some sleep.
Oh, and so this boy doesn't try to come any sooner than he should.

To any of you who may have had to survive bed rest for weeks while pregnant, especially if you had to do it with a toddler, can you share some advice please? Good things to do, ways to not feel completely useless.. etc. Any help or ideas would be lovely! I'm hoping this little guy stays until at least 36 weeks.. but that means we still have 5 weeks to go. 

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  1. I was on bed rest with Taevin after a 3 day stay at the hospital. Started having contractions at 25 weeks. I had both girls to worry about. Areya was in Kindergarten (half day), so that helped some. We watched lots and lots of TV and movies. Read lots of book, did puzzles, coloring books, crafts. Any thing that I could sit down to do and keep the girls busy. Made sure to do things in moderation. Do some thing small then rest. My house was messy but we survived.

    Good luck, hope things work out for you guys. Remember to take it easy and try not to stress.