Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm unsure.

It is so early.. and therefore I am wary.
But I could have sworn that I felt this baby inside me move.
A lot actually. Over the last few days. Or week really.

Seem impossible? Maybe.
But I already know this baby is a real mover.
Dr. H was so surprised at how much he/she was moving at my last (and first) appointment with him.
But could I really be feeling the baby move this early?

I didn't feel Ezra's movements inside (at least not for sure) until 16 weeks.
From 14 - 16 weeks I think I really was feeling him move, but I wasn't sure so I assumed it was not him.

But I am only 11 weeks now. And I've been feeling it for over a week.

So I have a question for you mothers of 2 or more.
Could you feel your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on babies move earlier than with your first?
Has anyone felt their baby move this early on?

It isn't kicks. It isn't bones.
It is like a flipping sensation.
I told Jarom that I thought my ovaries were rolling over and switching sides.

I've heard it's possible. But I don't know anyone else who experienced it so I am just curious. 

How far along were you when you felt your baby(ies) move?

[For your enjoyment.. please see my dancing boy below! From my phone, so sorry for the blur]


  1. I felt mine early then the first one. I think part of the reason is you know what it feels like. For me it kind of felt like butterflies. Congrats on baby #2.

  2. Thank you Liz! :) I think that might be part of why I am noticing it.. I remember these feelings before but had no idea what they were so I just ignored them trying to not get my hopes up. But it is the same.. I think it really is the baby.

  3. I'm with Liz. I was going to say the same thing. I think after the first you definitely feel that baby move earlier. And I also agree butterflies for sure! I am so excited for you guys!! Can't wait!!