Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Names

In the midst of my pregnancy insomnia, I have been pondering the names we have chosen for our new little one. and I have come across something that is bothering me. I need advice.

Please help.

Since I was 16, I have known what I was going to name my first daughter. I never cared what the father of this child would think, I was set on and 100% certain that I would use this name for my baby girl. No matter who I ended up with.

I picked the name when most people thought it was not a "real" name. 
I decided on it when a lot of people thought it would be more of a boy name.
I picked it on my own, by myself. 
I was officially SET on the name after a very important date in my 16 year old life.
I have NEVER doubted the name.

I highly dislike when people "steal" names. I worked hard to come up with a fairly unique yet strong name this baby that I knew would one day be in my future. Now that it is that time in my life where I am having children, it is a name that is growing in popularity, but still fairly unique. And the name means a LOT to me. 

But I now know of someone who has taken my name. [Not really. I never knew this person existed until she was already set on the name for her baby to be [who is already well beyond her 1st birthday]. It was purely coincidence. I still don't really know this person, but I have followed their blog for probably about 2 years and we have a lot in common.] 

I eventually told Jarom that he didn't have a choice if we have a girl [which he is totally okay with because he LOVES the name and is set on it too], but lucky for him we got a boy first so I gave him the advantage of picking the perfect name. He did well with Ezra. 

But now it might be time for me to get to use my name. [We do NOT know what we are having yet.] But now I almost feel as if I am stealing the name.

I know that ultimately the decision for the name comes down to me and Jarom, and our Heavenly Father. I know that there really would be nothing wrong with still using this name.

I have had it picked out since I was 16.

But I feel a little guilty, too. Blame it on the hormones, I guess.

So you tell me:
Is it still okay for me to use the name when we have our first girl?
How do you feel about "name stealing"? Would this be considered doing just that?

Thanks lots!


Just FYI- we decided on names for our kids a long time ago. Before we even knew about Ezra coming. It may seem silly and to a lot of you it may seem crazy. But it is something we enjoy discussing together and we feel good about our choices. Ultimately, we could change our minds when the baby is born, but if we did, we would just choose between the other names we have decided we LOVE. We have names picked for boys, as well as girls. We truly do NOT know what we are having, so please don't think of this as an announcement that it is a girl. [Even though Jarom thinks it is and I would be THRILLED!]

It is late and this is a lot of rambling I think.. so if it is written funny, I apologize. Insomnia, I tell ya. It mixes you up. 


  1. Amber you worry way too much! =o)
    I remember when I was pregger's with Stephanie, she was going to be named Jessica (which by the way was a fairly new name)
    We wanted to call her Jessie NO MATTER WHAT!!! (Matt's Grandma "Erma Jessie" kept telling us we would not name our baby Jessica & to choose another name (which only made me angry) Everyone knew that's the name we had chose for our 1st bundle of joy! Then our baby girl came into this crazy world and in no way did she even look like a Jessica!!
    The poor girl didn't have a name for almost a whole day!! haha
    The girl who came for us to fill out the SS paper's name was Steffani, then later I was watching my favorite Soap Opera "Days of Our Lives" and the couple Steve & Kayla just had a baby girl who they named Stephanie Kae....
    There now you know the history behind Stephanie's name she's named after a Soap Opera (even her middle name is Kae) lol =o)
    Sometimes I've felt a little bad because KaDee is named after my favorite Uncle who baptized me then was killed in an automobile accident a few months later (hince the "Dee") and our oldest after a Soap Opera!! So much for Jessica (by the way Matt's sister named her son Jesse, which I was a little uptight about, but I'm over now haha) and as a side note I bumped into my friend from Jr. High she also named her 2 girls after 'Days of Our Lives" actor's this has nothing to do w/anything but I thought it was funny!!. Good Luck with his/her name I'm sure whatever you pick will fit perfectly!!
    I say name your baby whatever name you feel is right, she probably wont even know your friends child growing up, and when she starts kindergarden there will be a 100 named the same anyways!! lol

  2. I don't think there's such thing as an "original" name anymore, they all come from somewhere. Unless you want to name your child a bunch of random letters that don't make any sense :) Use the name you love and be happy with it!

  3. I love you both! Thank you!

    I know I worry way too much. I actually wasn't worried about it at all ever.. until a week ago. I'm telling you, if I survive my hormones and emotions through this pregnancy without an ulcer or complete dehydration from tears, I will be amazed.

    Thanks ladies! :)