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July 10th, 2010

July 10th, 2010

My Dad and lovely Mother #2 Sue, were sealed together in the Bountiful, Utah temple for all eternity.
It was a beautiful ceremony. I was able to be Sue's escort and it was a great experience to get to share with her.
I'm so glad that my Dad found this woman.

Jarom had to work this day so he could not be there. He was missed.

We were supposed to have Addie but she went on vacation with her mom and cousins this weekend instead.

Jarom took my phone to work with him on this Saturday so I had no connection to the world.

Everything was going great and we [me, Sue, Megan and Ezra in the truck] were on our way to Costco to get stuff for the Open House that night when I called Jarom from Sue's phone for a dumb question.

Our conversation went a little like this:
Me: Hi honey. How are you? How's work?
Jar: Hi. I'm okay. Work is good. Addie broke her leg and is at Primary Children's Hospital and needs to have surgery to fix it.
Me: [gulp.] Is she okay? What happened?
Jar: I don't know the full story, but she was riding the 4 wheeler with her mom and it rolled over. Marie is bruised, but Addie broke her femur. She was taken by ambulance to Primary Children's from the hospital closest to the sand dunes.
Me: OH MY GOSH! I hope they were wearing helmets? Were they wearing helmets? Do you want to go to the hospital?
Jar: Yes. I will have to come pick you up though or go by myself.
Me: I'll get to you. We need to go asap
Never mind my question. I totally forgot what it was. Addie was hurt and all I could focus on was getting to her to make sure she was okay. 

Sue drove me all the way to Farmington to meet Jarom at Lagoon and we left as soon as Jarom walked off the park. [Sue is the best. It was HER special day, and she still dropped everything to help me. One of the many reasons we all love her so much.]

When we got to the hospital, we met Marie [Addie's mom] and Nancy [her Grandma] in the ER. Addie was on morphine and was a little loopy. She told me of all these things she wanted to do while she had to sit for WEEKS at a time. The DR's came in and gave her some Valium to stop the muscle spasms that occur when you break your femur. She was out for most of the next 16 hours.

Addie had to have two 10-11" flexible nails put into her little 8-9" femur.
She could not walk or put ANY pressure on it for 6 weeks. 
She has to have another surgery sometime around January to have those nails removed.

[If you look in the middle picture you can see the break on the left side. (Right side for Addie). 
Those nails have pulled the bone to that place and are holding it together. Before they did this, that bone was sticking out a lot more to the left [right for her], but not quite out of her skin. 
You can also she the shadow of how swollen her little leg was.] 

This is Addie on her first day home from the hospital. 
[At her Grandma Nancy's house]

This is what Addie's leg looked like after we got the first section of tape off.
You can see what the other side looks like.
We could only take one side off during each bath/shower. 

Below is the side that we did take the tape off of.

This picture is Addie's leg with NO tape on. 
She only had to have two little incisions, about an inch long, on each side of her knee.
She choose Scooby Doo band aids so she would look cool.

It has been a long recovery process.. one that we are still working through. But Addie is a tough little girl and she is working so hard even though it is scary. And she can feel the nails poking her knee when she bends it and walks. But she is pushing through. [most days].

Addie got to spend nearly 3 weeks straight with us this summer, and that time happened to be while she could not put any pressure on her leg at all. We got to be there for taking the tape off, the wet cast, learning to really use the walker, getting over fear of her leg, etc. It was so wonderful, but that is another post. 

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