Saturday, September 04, 2010

Ingersoll Campout- Memorial Day 2010

For Memorial Day, the Ingersoll children decided that we would all go camping. Mom and Dad went to Nebraska to see Kelley so they weren't here, but we still had a blast.

This was our campsite in Logan Canyon.
I forgot to take pictures the first 2 days we were here, so these are all from the last day.
Someone has pictures of our adventures, I'll have to get them so I can share.

The ropes that you can barely see in this picture, that have sleeping bags hung up on them by the fire, these are climbing ropes. We made a rope bridge and everyone crossed wearing a harness. It was super fun. I was scared of the heights, even though it wasn't very high. Addie wanted to do it over and over again.

Ezra chilled out on our sleeping bag for a little while.

The last day we put Ezra in Ethan's Cars tent so he could sleep while we cleaned up everything else. This is me peeking in the top.

Addie gave me a silly face whenever I took her picture.

Joseph was walking around with his walking stick.

Nay-Nay shared his strawberry with me.

Shannon looked gorgeous.. and was modeling her walking stick too!

Spencer- well he is just silly. Can't you tell?

We had a lot of fun while we were here, and good food too! 
This trip got us all super excited for the Ingersoll Family Reuinon/Campout in August!
More on that to come...

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