Saturday, July 17, 2010


Originally Dated: Thursday, March 01, 2007 

Sometimes you want things that mean so much to you.
          We all make choices.. good and bad ones.

Sometimes you let these things change your priorities.
           We all make mistakes.. big and little.

We have so many goals and so many things we want to accomplish, and we all work so hard to achieve them. We even give up other things for some of them. Its all part of how it works. You decide what you want, and then you decide how its most important to do them.

Sadly, every choice we make has to effect someone else. In most cases there is more then just one person who is affected. And that makes it hard. Especially if you love the person that your choice will affect most.

But what do you do? When you've changed so many of your goals and the things that you want because you want to be with someone?

What do you do when you want so many different things? How do you know what is best for you to do? And how do you know whether it is just best for the moment or it will in the end get you what you want?

Once, awhile ago, I knew what I wanted. I didn't know if I could have part of what I wanted but it didn't kill me. I learned more of myself and made different choices, I decided what I wanted to do.

Not planning on the part that I wasn't sure of, it happened. I got what I wanted and it made[makes]me so happy! I got what I wanted and suddenly everything else I wanted didn't fit.
School out of state? Moving away? How could I go when my heart [and family] is here?
        I couldn't. I'm staying here. And I'm so glad.

My wants are different. My choices are too. But were my choices smart?

New job.Old Job.New friends.Old friends.New music.Some old. New love.[happiness] Changes.
So many changes it is unbelievable. But it's good. And so worth it. But were my reasons right? Is this feeling only temporary? [no. and I know that] But there is more than me involved. Frightening..

We make choices for ourself, choices that change our lives. Are they worth it? Are the gains greater than the losses?

I guess that is how we make better of ourselves though. We make choices. We learn from the outcomes. We grow. And we are better for what we learn no matter how things go. 

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