Friday, October 09, 2009


Tuesday night after I got home from work, Ezra was so happy. I grabbed his hand and hit it on mine and said "High-5" and he just started laughing really hard. After about 3 minutes of his continuous laughter, I got Jarom to grab the camera so we could share. Ezra is a little technology shy (camera, cell phone, remote, etc) so if any of these things are next to him and he sees them he will stop laughing, crying, smiling, etc. It's nice when it keeps him from crying, but it makes getting pictures and videos of the cute things he does kind of hard. But, even with the camera, he still found the "High-5" funny.. just not as funny as before. Check it out!


  1. So cute love! I can't believe he gets bigger ever time I see him- it's unreal! I can't wait to see you Friday!