Thursday, February 19, 2009

A week of great news

When we first found out I was pregnant, we assumed (basing off of what we had to go on) that I would be just over 8 weeks when I went to my first appointment with Jed. (The nurse calculated the same thing, so we did pretty good.) When we went to the doctor, Ezra only measured as being 6 weeks. For this reason, I did not get even an estimated due date at the first visit. We were a little sad that we lost 2 weeks off of what we thought but we were still glad it was for real. The second time we went to see Jed, 5 weeks later, Ezra measured at 11 weeks. I was given my due date- July 19th 2009.The next time we went, he was measuring 15 weeks.
Well, it has been 3 weeks since my last appointment, and because of the surgery I had to go see Jed this week instead of next. My appointment was yesterday, and Jed was so nice to take off the tape from my incision (the surgeon told me to wait another week before pulling it off myself) so that he could do the ultrasound.

The first thing he said when he saw the baby, "She is a very healthy little girl and boy has she grown." I was a little confused, but he had just returned from delivering a baby and because of that he was an hour behind and whenever he is running behind he is always kind of silly. I assumed he was just stuck on girls since he was only looking at the baby's head. "She has the cord wrapped around her interesting, I wonder how she got quite like that." After he continued to refer to my son as a girl, I asked him to please reassure me that it was a boy because I was sure Jarom would cry if it was. Great news- his little man parts were just hiding behind the cord that he had between his legs. He's still a boy!

Ezra has grown so much in the last three weeks (finally) and he measured at 20 weeks! (Back where we thought we should be by now.) He is super healthy and is still very active! Oh and more good news- I GAINED 2.5 lbs in the 3 weeks! Jed was happy that he didn't need to lecture me about losing this time, and he was even more happy that I didn't have sugar in my urine this time too! I'm doing much better and everything is going great!
Also, I am finally showing something! Still not a lot, but in the last two days my pants have gotten tighter and my belly is a little more round. (Not to be confused with squishy.) I can still hide it pretty well depending on what I am wearing, but it is becoming more noticeable.

I would love to post a new picture of Ezra, because I love seeing them, but we were only able to get 1 good picture of him and I can't seem to get it to transfer very well. But my next appointment is my target ultrasound and so hopefully we will get some good images from that so I can share.


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  2. Um, wow. You had the two most random comments just before me.

    I'm glad to hear good news!! I've been lazy and have been meaning to stop by, but I didn't want to chance giving you the love bug Copeland was just getting over--you've already had your handfull of stuff! Maybe next week . . . and I'd like to bring you chocolate, but I'm afraid you're still sick :(

    I'll call you next week!

  3. That is so nice to here. YOur belly is getting to be a cute one.

  4. I'm so happy for you love. You better be at girls night tomorrow so we can see your cute little tummy!