Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a boy!

On Monday afternoon, after spending the morning at McKay Dee trying to get back some functionality to my lungs, we were able to go see Dr. Jed and see how our wonderful baby is growing.

As always, we have an ultrasound first. Jed was talking a lot this time, trying to explain what his concerns were about my asthma and the baby. It was hard to watch the ultrasound and understand what he was saying. It was a good thing these things are recorded or we might have missed the whole thing. He stopped talking for a minute to show us what we were having and as soon as I saw the arrow I knew that Jarom's prediction was correct! (Jarom told me before we were married that when Addie was around 6 or 7 we would have our first child and it was going to be a boy. Well addie will be 6 when he comes, and he is definitly a boy!)

We are so super excited! As we were leaving the office, Jarom was jumping and spinning and dancing all the way to the car. As soon as he got in he asked if I could show it to him because apparently he was listening to Jed talking and wasn't watching the ultrasound so he missed getting to see our little mans parts. All the way home he was jittery and the dancing continued for hours. I don't think I have ever seen him so excited! :)

Our little boy will be named Ezra Ardell Jenks (Ardell is Jarom's fathers name). Jarom got to pick the name of our first boy as long as I agreed to it, and I love it. Ezra is not a super common name (which I love) and it is a strong one. We are so excited to get to have him! Ezra is growing super strong and healthy and so far everything is great!

(This picture is 15 weeks.)

Now for the not as great but not terrible news: I have to see a pulmonologist. Being sick for the last 3 weeks has been a killer on my lungs. I've been having trouble getting the oxygen I need and I'm starting to have frequent asthma attacks that are bad. Jed said that because Ezra doesn't breathe what I breathe (at least not at the same time) he is still getting plenty of oxygen and so it isn't hurting him at all. However, he is worried that it will just continue to get worse the farther along I am so I going to see a pulmonologist at McKay on Tuesday to see what he thinks and what we can do to make it better.

Another thing- there is a good chance that Ezra will be a baby on the smaller side of the scale. I have had to be put on steroids for a week, ones that cause babies to have smaller birth weights. Jed did approve it and said that because it is medically necessary it is okay, they just try to avoid giving it to pregnant women because some women try to take it to MAKE their babies smaller. (Stupid, stupid women.) But, it shouldn't affect anything else for the baby which is good.

Anyway.. that is all. I've been sick for weeks and there isn't much you can take when your pregnant. I'm on the second course of antibiotics (the last kind didn't work) and it actually seems to be making a little bit of a difference. Jed is a wonderful doctor and I'm so glad that we chose him. I'd recommend him to anyone!


  1. I am so happy for you guys once again and you look great that's a very interesting name I like it. Talk to you soon.

  2. That is amazing that Jerom knew it would be a boy and how old Addie would be. Congrats again!

  3. That is way exciting! It looks like the two of you will be having quite the memorable anniversary this year! My wife and I are way excited that you found our blog! We'll be excited to hear about how things go for you!