Friday, October 17, 2008

It's warmer where you're waiting

Dear Justin,
You were one of my best friends. You were the sunshine to many of my days. You helped me to learn to forgive. You helped me to become less self consious. You made me laugh! :) You brought out so many great things in me that I didn't even know I had. You brought me and Jarom back together- and for that I am eternally grateful to you.
Its been almost 2 years now and my heart still aches so much to have you around. I remember the call I got from Michelle to tell me it was time to say goodbye. The pain came instantly. It hurt so much to have to see you lying there, unresponsive, in so much pain and knowing that I couldn't help you. That day in the hospital was the first day I ever saw Jarom cry, and it was one of the worst days ever.
I miss you so much!!
  • going to work every morning and knowing that I would see you
  • the big hug of the morning that made opening not so bad
  • the hugs that came through out the day
  • the karaoke sessions on the P.A. system at Jet Star
  • the dance partys in the bottom of Rocket tower
  • skipping down the midway
  • singing the songs we love as loud as we can without caring who heard us
  • the water fights at Hydro
  • the long talks
  • the scripture mastery sessions around Area 5
  • the happy texting sessions
  • our "mini concert" series while at Lagoon
  • the family home evening activities
  • hanging out at your apartment
  • the temple square trips
  • playing HALO and actually liking it
  • the road trip memories
  • your smile

But mostly I just miss you!

I know that Heavenly Father must have really needed you in heaven for him to have let you leave us so soon. I know that you are in a much better place and that you are so happy right now! And most days I can think of you and just remember the good times, remember the Vegas trip, and the neverending days at Lagoon. But some days, I can't help it. I hear a Dashboard song and I break down and cry. Today was one of these days.. I could really use one of your big hugs right now.
I'm so glad that I know that I will see you again someday.
Thanks for always being such a great example to me and everyone who knew you.
Thanks for always having a smile on and being happy.
Thanks for sharing your sweet spirit with me.
Thanks for blessing my life so much.

I'll love you forever mr Ure!
PS. "Swear to shake it up!"


  1. Wow Amber that was really great. I miss him too. He brought so much sunshine to my life. Thank you for helping us to remember him.

  2. Oh Ambi I miss him too, he was such an amazing friend.

  3. Hey its kayla.Really great girl. I miss that guy!