Thursday, September 25, 2008



Addie got really sick around 7 Sunday morning and could barely breathe. The poor girl has always had a hard time with her lungs so it is something we come to expect to happen every now and then. (Awful, I know.) We have seen her really sick before, I've only seen her when she was hospitalized once, but Sunday was definitely the worst. When we got to Addie's grandma's with the albuterol for her breathing treatments, she was slumped over on the couch. I got to her as quickly as I could and I kneeled down to look at her face. She was hooked up to oxygen and she was pale as a ghost. Her little chubby cheeks were squished with the tube for the oxygen and her eyes had dark circles and appeared sunken in. My heart ached immediately.. I just wanted to make her feel better. Jarom prepared and gave her the breathing treatment. Then, we waited. After nearly 2 hours she was still not doing great, but she had improved enough that she didn't need to go to the hospital.

She missed school the first couple days this week because she couldn't even go outside, and she is back to having her breathing treatments every morning and night. She is now finally back at school because she is doing much better! She still has a nasty cough and she has to limit her activity, but at least she can last for more than 20 minutes without being completely worn out. Its great!

Also- the Primary president in my ward (I serve as the 2nd counselor in the Primary) who is such an amazing woman got to hear the heartbeat of her sweet baby finally! It was so exciting to find out that her baby is growing.. She will be such a great mom! :)

And not only is Addie doing better, and probably the most deserving woman becoming a mother, but I received a lot of praise at work today, not only from my boss, but my boss' boss, the manager of our IT department, and the big guys up in Calgary at Shell Canada. (They have hated everyone else who has done anything pertaining to what I now do for them.) They like me so much- work is paying for me to get a passport and for me to go on a business trip to Calgary to meet the big guys and work with them up there asap! So super exciting, right?


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  1. That is so scary. I hope she doesnt do this to much. You do such a great job with her. As for the primary pres. Good for her she needs a kid. lol