Thursday, September 04, 2008


Okay.. I'm terrible at this, I know. I keep trying to be so good about this, but somehow I always get caught up cleaning the house, working, or just being lazy and I haven't even posted about our trip! I will do better.. I will do better.. I will do better. :D

Last month, Jarom, Addie and myself were very lucky to be able to go on a week long (super cheap) vacation. We went to good ol' California with my Dad, Sue and all the kids. We had such a blast! We did so many fun things, and it was great to get to share it all with Jarom and Addie. :)

We left really early in the morning on Sunday August 3rd- so early I had only had 3 hours of sleep before we left. Addie, who typically will not even budge in the morning unless she has had nearly 10 hours of sleep, she slept for less than 7 hours and she had the most energy all day! She had never been on a plane before, so the whole airport experience was super fun for her. She told us all about how the planes work, and how we get to fly, and how she was the coolest because she was going to sit by a window. She was actually even "too big" to ride with me and Jarom, instead she had to ride with my younger sisters. She loved it!!

We played in our hotel rooms lots on Sunday, since there wasn't much else to do. We had to go shopping to get food for the week though, since we were avoiding going out to eat. So my cute mother Sue and I went to the Target across the street from where we were staying. This Target was about the size of Super Walmart. They had more alcohol on two isles than I have ever seen at any store in Utah (not much surprise there I guess) but they had no meat section, hardly any food at all, but isles and isles of alcohol. It was interesting.. to say the least.

Over the rest of our stay we spent 2 1/2 days at Disneyland, 1 day at Six Flags, 1 day at Knott's Berry Farm, and 1 day at Universal Studios. We had so much fun! It was great to get to be with our family and to enjoy this time together!

There are so many stories I want to share.. but you would be reading this forever if I shared them all. So instead I will just add a lot of pictures so you can see how much fun we had!

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  1. You know you from Utah when..... you are surprised to see alcohol in a food store.