Friday, August 01, 2008

The Bitton's

A few months ago, my oldest brother Nate finally found the right woman and married her. Her name is Brittany. I am so glad that they met and fell in love. They are so great together, and it makes me so happy to see my brother SO happy! Now Brittany has two kids, Tate and Ally who are two of the cutest kids you have ever seen! They both love and adore Nate so much and he is so good with them. The four of them make such a great little family!
Nate, who is so incredibly smart and talented just started a new job designing a website and other such computer things for a law firm. He is also finishing up school at Stevens Heneger.(I'm so proud of him!) Brittany works with me at Flying J. Because they both work and Nate goes to school, I get to be so lucky to watch the kids while Nate's school and Brittany's work schedules overlap. (This only ends up being once a week usually, but its probably the funnest day of my week.)
Every time they come, Tate and Ally start off by going to Jarom and saying "Hi Addie!" and then come to me and say "Hi Germ-um". We always attempt to correct them, but its so stinking cute that we just let it be. (Jarom became Addie because there is a picture of Addie in our living room, but they never really get to see her so they just associate "Addie" with Jarom.) Anyway, after the name game, we always bring the toy bin down and start to play.

The whole point in sharing this part of my week is to let everyone know how happy I am for my big brother! He is such a great man and he is the best brother a girl could ever ask for! He has always been there for me and supported me in everything I do. He is more than just a great brother, he is also a great friend. I am so glad that I get to watch him as he is now a husband and a father. I love Nate so much, and I love Brittany and Tate and Ally. They are all so wonderful, and I am so glad that I get to do the little that I can to help them out. I just hope he knows how much I love and care for him, and that I would do anything I can to help him in anyway. (Especially when it's as simple as playing with the kids for a few hours a week!)

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  1. Thank you Amber for that post! Brittany and I think very highly of you and Jarom! I look up to you, Yes even though you are my little sister.

    Thank you for all you do!