Thursday, January 12, 2012


 The stockings were draped on the couch with great care

In hopes that Mr. Santa Claus soon would be here

Well he came alright, but he disagreed

We awoke the next morning to a new location for our tree
 (that's right.. Santa moved our tree!)

He reorganized our presents, and then left a few

Ezra barely cared, he didn't quite know what to do.

So Mommy helped him open all his gifts under the tree

He didn't get excited until dad opened these

Yes, that is a 7 foot kite, all shiny and new

Ezra was thrilled to know that it just grew and grew
(out of the package that is)

Betta was lovely and made these for me

Daddy took a picture of us three

Edison loved his car/driver thing from Santa

Ezra liked the horse from Grandma and Grandpa

We were sad that Addie wasn't with us in the morning
But she loved all of her gifts
especially the headband she's adorning.

We had a very Merry Christmas
and we hope that you did too!
I've really got to stop
so this rhyme is through.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
The Jenks Family

Jarom, Amber, Addilynn, Ezra and Edison

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  1. I agree, you totally need to be better at blogging because it's the only way I see what's going on. I love you!