Saturday, July 09, 2011

Edison Kay

This update is completely for this sweet baby boy that we are currently waiting to meet. 
I'm a bit behind.
[Bed rest is NOT as restful as it sounds, and it is NOT easy to sit at a computer to do these things. I was too hopeful. Thank goodness that is OVER!!]

Here are some pictures of Mr. Edison from my targeted ultrasound, nearly 3 months ago.

 He has  VERY cute strong leg, and bum!

She had an unbelievably hard time getting a shot of his face because the kid HATES pictures.
He would look right at her, and then as soon as she would try to get a picture, either his hands were in his face or he would turn the other way. To watch it back on the ultrasound is so funny! He really didn't want his picture taken.

These next images are from my stay at Ogden Regional after my incident.
[I passed out at church in the hall and fell on my stomach. I caused a small abruption in the placenta and started some very frequent and strong contractions.]

The images all have text on them explaining what the image is so I am not going to explain each one.

This one is a bit silly. It is not pointing at his 'thing' but pointing at his scrotum. Still proof he is a boy. But not the typical "boy" shot.

At 30 weeks, he was growing very well and even had some visible hair. I'm curious if he will come out as hairy as Ezra did. I hope so!

Right now I am:
  • 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant
  • Counting contractions- 
    • I have been having contractions between 5 and 10 minutes apart for the last 8 hours. They are lasting between 45 and 90 seconds
  • Dilating and Effacing (warning.. this part has some details.. if you don't want to know, please skip to the next bullet)
    • At my appointment on Thursday, I had Dr. H check me because of some super intense vaginal pressure and sharp pains that I had been having. I was over 1cm dilated and about 80% effaced. Since I have had contractions consistently since then (not as strong as they are now) I would assume that I have moved some more.
  • Having trouble sitting, getting up or down, lying down, sleeping, focusing, etc. Between pain and other things, it's been a little rough. It does mean it is almost the end which I am SO excited for so I will take it.
  • Really hoping that Edison comes soon. :)
I had an appointment with Dr. H on Thursday (1 week before my scheduled appointment) because of some intense pain I mentioned above. I did not experience this pain with Ezra and so I wanted to make sure everything was okay. He did check me and the contractions I had been having since June 29th (which were small but very frequent) were actually doing something. I am progressing, and since the contractions have just gotten worse (harder, longer) I am hoping that I am still progressing nicely. I hope.

** Does anyone know how far they let you go when you are for certain having a C-Section? Will they do it earlier if you dilate to a certain point or something? I really should have asked the doctor something about this, but I can never remember my questions when I am there.

Edison is growing very well. I had the shots the first week of June to develop his lungs, so I'm sure they are pretty strong. This is very nice, because I don't have to be paranoid about him being born, especially since I am almost full term. On Thursday he was measuring 6 lbs, and a full week ahead. If my doctor changed due dates, I would have been moved up a week. He was measuring 36 weeks 2 days. That would put my EDD at August 2nd not August 9th. I'm glad he is growing so well!

I did get my FIRST stretch mark, and it is HUGE! It freaked me out when I first saw it, but now I actually kind of like it, except that it looks like I got beat up. I want a picture of it, but I need Jarom to take one and we haven't had the time. Maybe soon.

I do have a few pictures of my growing belly, but they are on my camera which I can't find at the moment so I will have to share those later. I am really hoping that little mr. Edison comes soon, but that nothing embarrassing happens while I am at church tomorrow. I guess I will take whatever I get!

We are SO very excited to meet Edison! 

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  1. Awesome pictures. I didn't get hardly any pictures when I was pregnant, so I am always jealous when people have basically an entire scrapbook of t heir baby before he/she is even born! :)

    I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well, and that you have a good labor/delivery experience. :)