Saturday, October 09, 2010

my man

Today while checking the Facebook, this picture was the "featured" picture in the right hand corner.
[You know where they say "Say Hello!" or "Uploaded 3 months ago" etc]

This is my cute hubby the summer of 2002. 
Isn't he just freakin' HOT?! 
He looks so young there.. and I still find him super SEXY!

THANK YOU FACEBOOK for brightening my day!
And for reminding me how dang good looking my husband is!

And now a love blog to my hubby:

Dear Jar,
[sounds like Jer.. not to be confused with a jar of peaches]

I love you Jarom, for so many reasons!
Today I especially love you and appreciate you for the following reasons
I love your fun personality! You can always make me laugh!
[Matt Lloyd, Jace Garside, Jarom, Sean Ingersoll and Jason Stephens]
Lagoon 2003

I love your bright smile and big muscular arms! You make me feel happy and safe!
 I also love your mad math skills. 
And that you fill out time cards and bring home money to provide for our family.
You rock!

 I love your eyes and how you shake them.
I love how you look at me and make me feel weak in the best way.
I even love it when you look at me creepy.

I love that I get to sleep with you every night. 
I love it when I come to bed after you're already asleep and you automatically pucker up when I get in bed.
I love how peaceful you look when you sleep.

I especially love that you sleep through me taking pictures of you so that I can admire your sleeping self when you are gone.

But the most important reason I love you?

You gave me these 2 beautiful, wonderful, goofy children to love and care for!
They are my favorite. + you.

I love you. 
Thanks for being the most amazing.
I love you.
And I miss you.
and I want you.
Ooh La La!

Love you Jelly Bean!

LOVE Always
♥ your wife and mother of your babies ♥

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  1. Now you make ME want to be all mushy and whatnot! :)