Thursday, September 09, 2010

Cysts. Doctors. Pain.

This post may be TMI. But I'm sharing anyways.. so look away if you must. I won't be offended.

look something like this.
They have for at least 9 weeks. 
Image taken from
See that large ball on the right of the picture?
That is an ovarian cyst.
I have one of those on my left ovary.
It is 4 cm by 5 cm.
That is over 1.5" by 2".
That is a little bigger than the ovary itself.

I've been having a horrible stabbing pain since June and I finally decided I needed to go to the doctor in August. When I went to COLWC, they did an invasive ultrasound and when the doctor saw it she was a little surprised. "Whoa." was the first word she said.

The cyst is on the large size and it is one they worry about a little bit. I already have an IUD, but I was put on birth control pills anyways to try and bring the cyst down in size. I go in next Friday to have another ultrasound to see if it has gone down. I haven't noticed any improvement in the pain, but I'm super hopeful that the size has gone down.
Please cross your fingers with me.

If the cyst doesn't go down, then we may try birth control for another month.
[Poor Jarom.. it makes me crazy emotional.]
Really I don't know, but I do know that it is large enough they may have to do surgery.
I know that from the last one I had removed when I was 16.
And the doctor lady said so.

I have **
PCOS [Polycystic ovary syndrome]**and was told for a long time I wouldn't get pregnant. EVER.
Having a baby [or other surgical procedures] is really the only cure.
I was very hopeful when I got pregnant with Ezra that it would be gone.
But it did not go away. It is still there and kicking.
I worry that it will make it hard to get pregnant again. [I really want to have more babies.]
But I'm trying to set that fear aside for awhile and just hope it will all just go away.
Can you help me hope please?

Really.. I will be fine. No matter what.
But I needed to share. 

** Click on the term for more information on the disease**


  1. I will hope with you sweetheart. I love you.

  2. So sorry Amber!! (I'll do more than 'hope' for you, I'll keep you in my prayers).
    I think the world of you Amber and wish only happy thoughts for you!! :0)

  3. You are definitely in my prayers. I am so sorry you are going through so much pain. I do love how doctors say, just one more month, just one more month --- sorry huge issues with pain and doctors putting things off. Just remember, surgery isn't the worst thing. You have beautiful Ezra and you will have more beautiful babies. Try to keep your mind on the big picture. You have a wonderful hubby and family and lots of life to look forward to. Love you dearly, Michelle