Saturday, July 17, 2010

He Proposed!

May 19th, 2010

I knew I was going to marry this man. 
I knew what my ring was going to look like even.
I bet him that I knew what day he was going to propose.
He thought I would be wrong.
I thought I would be right, but I still was not prepared.
I was right on the money.
But it was different than I had expected.

It was a Saturday. 
We both worked that day. We even sat next to each other in the call center. 
I needed his fingernail clippers off of his keys which were in his right pocket, as always.
He was on a phone call and could not get them for me. 
Usually he would let me try to grab them since they were right at the top and almost falling out. 
But this day he smacked my hand.
I should have known that something was up.

I knew we were going on a date that afternoon right after work.
He took me home long enough to get ready.
Silly me, he gave me all the time I needed but I just wanted to go to dinner and since I had a curfew I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could, so I didn't shower or change. I just put my work stuff away and left.

I had an interesting feeling.
I looked at the calendar in my room as I placed my stuff on my dresser and I realized that TODAY was the 1st of my 2 guesses of which day he would propose.

But my ring was not supposed to be done for 2 more weeks.
He laughed and told me that my guess was silly.
It was too early. 
But I knew it.

He took me to the park.
We walked to the place of our first kiss.
We held hands and we talked.
He held me and we watched the people walk by.
On our bench.
We sat discussing the beauty around and other such things that I can't quite recall now.
He was being awkward. 
I had butterflies.

Jarom kept beginning to speak, but would quickly stop as soon as someone walked by us.
I laughed because we were in a PARK. 
And he wanted privacy.
But whatever works.

Eventually the traffic slowed and we talked of our previous ventures to this place. This SPECIAL place.
Of our first date
We reminisced of our first kiss.
Of the long walks down this special trail.
Of the past year.

And then he got teary.
[Not a Jarom thing AT ALL.]
He started to tell me how much he loved me.
How much he wanted to make me happy.
How much I meant to him.
And then he moved
off of the bench
on to the ground
on to one knee.

He looked deep into my eyes 
with his beautiful, happy tear filled eyes 
and said the most wonderful thing

"Amber Nicole, will you get married with me?"
[wording part of an inside special moment]

I wondered for a brief second if he was just doing a practice run.
He shouldn't have had the ring.

But I looked down and realized that the most perfect ring was there in his trembling hand

I hugged him so tightly.
When he pulled away rather soon I was confused.
He looked at me and asked "Was that a yes?"

I was so overwhelmed with love, joy, happiness, excitement and tears that I forgot to say yes.
Or anything for that matter.

So I said what I had been waiting to say for a long time.


Afterwards he took me down the road to the Timbermine for dinner.
[I had been BEGGING for him to take me there for a very long time]
It was so wonderful.

Then we went to my Mom's house which was close to share the great news with her!

In front of my Mom's house after he proposed
05 / 19 / 2007

One of our many trips to Powder Mountain [with Sean]
To discuss our marriage plans
05 / 20 / 2007  

Jarom's attempt at getting me ready for an eternity with a snowboarder

When I got home to tell my 'parents' (Dad & Sue) and everyone there.. I learned that they all knew where we were going.
And none of them were surprised to see my ring because Jarom had shown them all over the last week.
Since he had been storing it in the glovebox of his car he had shown EVERYONE.

It was so exciting!

And so we started to intently plan our marriage and our life together.

We set a date a while before this since we had a specific date in mind.

Off to work we went planning the start of our eternity together.



  1. How special Amber thx for sharing!! I've liked Jarom from the first time I met him!! Happy Anniversary by the way!!

  2. I'm glad you shared these. They were so fun to read!