Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yay! I have been given permission to share!

No, I am not expecting. Sorry, but I just don't think I could handle sharing a room with 2 babies right now. Or even just with 1 and being pregnant if it were anything like the last time. However I feel as if I should be since almost everyone I know who had a baby shortly before I had Ezra is pregnant.. and all with girls too. Strange little world.


Jarom has a NEW JOB!! :)

Here is the story..

Jarom has been looking for a new job for MONTHS! Really, since Ezra was born. In this 11 month search, I think he has been to 4 or 5 interviews, 2 second interviews, and every time it has been "We'd love to have you, but..."Most of the "But"'s were because there was someone more qualified- someone with a Bachelors degree. Even if the job didn't require one, it still made them more qualified. Some of the "But"'s were simple things that just didn't work for us, like the schedule did not allow for church on any Sunday, or the job was part time.

No good for us.

However, in early May, my cute little brother informed us of a maintenance position open at Lagoon. While Jarom really would prefer to work in their electrical department, a position was not open there. We knew that getting into the maintenance department would put him in a better position for when an electrical position did open up, so Jarom applied. [Plus, Jarom knew most of the managers in Maintenance from when he worked there before and we knew that they liked him. Major +!]

Two weeks and nothing. We were about to give up hope.Then Perry called to set up an interview.

It was about 2 and a half weeks ago that Jarom went in to meet with him. The interview consisted of 2 questions before Perry said "You are aware that this is a Part Time position? Seasonal?" Um.. no we did not. Because on Lagoon's website it was listed as a FULL TIME job. Jarom told him that it would not work for him, and the interview ended.

Hopes. Crushed. Again.

We were back to the search for a new job, hopefully one any closer to what he is going to school for.

Then Sunday after church we noticed that Jarom had a voicemail and a missed call from Lagoon. He checked his messages and it was Perry. Calling to tell Jarom that if he was still interested in the position, that he had an offer for him.

Giddy. That is what we were. SUPER EXCITED and hopeful.

Jarom called Perry while I sat on the couch trying so hard to overhear the conversation. I could barely sit still. But I waited as patiently as I could.

Apparently Alma, who is a manager in maintenance and was the gentleman over Fire Dragon [Colossus as you may know it] while Jarom worked there, remembered Jarom and specifically requested to have him work in their department. FULL TIME! Perry called to offer Jarom a FULL TIME, non-seasonal job, with benefits. The pay is more than he makes now. Not by much, but there is a much greater potential for raises, as well as it is actually getting him closer to what he wants to do. [Be an electrician.] And he will not have to work under his awful boss anymore.

Jarom passed his physical, drug test, and criminal background check. He has the job and they want him to start ASAP. Jarom put in his notice this morning with his boss and his last day at TCH will be Tuesday, June 22.

I am so proud of my wonderful husband for being so patient during this search [Heaven knows that I have not been] and for being so gosh darn amazing that he gets a position that they weren't even hiring for just because he comes by such high recommendation! Jarom is such a fabulous guy. I love him so much and I am so proud of him.

Maybe now that he will be making a little more, we might be able to get debt paid off faster and money saved so that we can move to a place of our own [again]. Then maybe I can convince him to get working on baby # 2. ;)

We'll see. For now I am super happy with this.

Thanks for letting me share with you!

Ps.. I am trying to fix my blog by starting fresh. Sorry for the bland look at the moment. We will be back up and running pretty soon.. I hope. Love, Am.


  1. Congratulations on the new job! It'll make such a huge difference in your guys' lives! Are you still working, Amber?

  2. I am.. I work one day a week. Just Mondays. It's a longer day than I was working before [9 hours] but it is only 1 day so I get to spend the rest of my week with E and it is very nice! :)