Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had such a WONDERFUL Easter weekend! We spend the weekend up in Bear River and enjoyed spending a lot of time will all of our wonderful family!

Saturday we enjoyed all of the festivities at the Purser Family Easter Party. We had great food, watched some conference, and best of all- we had EASTER EGG HUNTS!! Ezra was taking a nap when it was time for the baby Egg Crawl, but we got him some eggs to have when he woke up. After that, the BIG egg hunt happened out back. First the young kids start. Then the young teens go. Followed a few seconds behind all of the adults are let loose! There are tons of eggs all over the ground- hundreds! It can be pretty intense! I was literally taken out by Amanda as we tried to get the same egg. She won. I only got 1 egg (sad, huh?) but Jarom came out with 6 so he gave me a couple. We got $5 in our eggs and were pretty proud!

After all of the eggs are collected, the candy was dumped all over the yard. [There were a good 60 people at the party, and everyone has to bring a bag of wrapped candy for the Candy Run.. there were TONS!] Jarom and I got the most candy! After, we went into Sean's room and dumped out our candy to see how much we got. WE TOTALLY SCORED! And Ezra LOVED to play with it all.

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and watched conference with Sean, Kelley and Kelley's friends. We really enjoyed it.. what we could hear over Ezra's laughing and screeching squeals. After the morning session, we drove to the Jenks household for lunch, more spiritual enlightenment, and an egg hunt. We had what I call noodley soup. It is homemade chicken soup, but we didn't have the chicken in it. But it is SOOO good! I requested it.. and my wonderful in-law family made it! It was the best!

Once the afternoon session was finished, we walked next door to Grandad Jenks' house for the egg hunt. The front yard was for the little kids [Ezra and Bentley] and the side and back of the house [including the cars] was for everyone else. I missed out on the big one because I was helping Ezra with his eggs. But it was totally worth it!

Ezra was so funny.. he would pick up the eggs, but he refused to put them in the bucket. So I sat him on the grass and went around and collected some eggs for him, placed them in front of him and tried to teach him how to put them in. It didn't work so well because every time we put one in, Ezra took 2 out. I gave up and let him play. He dumped his bucket and then he dumped Jarom's when he sat his down by E. It was so cute! I loved getting to be there, teaching him the fun parts of this holiday, but also to get to talk to him about Jesus and why we celebrate. Ezra got the special prizes- a picture of Jesus (my favorite one) and a lot of stickers of portraits of Jesus. Our eggs had puzzle pieces in them, and after everyone had dumped their eggs and put them back in the cartons, we put the puzzle together as a family. It was another picture of Jesus.

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend and we hope you all did too!

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