Sunday, October 04, 2009

Peach Days 2009

So I'm a little slow at the updating.. but I finally have a moment to catch up. So here are some highlights from Peach Days 2009.

* Doug took the kids and they all rode on the fire truck during the parade. [Addie wouldn't sit by them for a picture.]
* Kelley rode on a Dodge Nitro through the parade- perks of being in the Peach Queen pagent. Sean drove.
* Shannon rode on the train with all of the other Jr. Peach Queen girls. [she is the girl in the middle. She sat on the wrong side of the train for a good photo op.]
* I got to spend some quality time with Jarom- my favorite! :)
* Ezra thought he was melting so he refused to nap.
* Great Granddad and Addie played with Ezra at the car show and kept him entertained so Jarom and I could look at his uncles car.
* Addie and Ezra enjoyed some quality time under a tree by all the Corvettes.
* Shannon tried to teach Addie how to collect candy and prizes from the parade.

We all had a blast! Can't wait for next year!

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