Monday, June 29, 2009


Okay.. so it is way past time for an update with pictures. I keep trying to remember to do this, but I'm suffering with this illness so cleverly called "Pregnancy Brain". In case you haven't heard of it, or have heard of it and think it is just a joke- it's not. I seriously am loosing my mind.. or maybe lost is the more correct term. I'm forgetting everything. Nothing I say makes sense. I feel unintelligent. Its sad.. but hopefully my brain will return to proper working order in a few weeks. (I can only hope!)
Anyway.. here are a few photos because I haven't updated in awhile.
24 Weeks
33 Weeks
Not much change, but definitely more round and 'basketball' like.
38 Weeks
Still not very big.. but my shirt is stretched enough you can see the white through it.
I think it's time to be done.
Oh.. and just in the last two weeks, my body decided it was time to "plump up". I officially have no ankles and mini tree trunks for toes. This makes me a little sad.. mostly because it hurts so bad. But Jarom is wonderful and offers to rub my feet every night and he works so hard to make sure I'm able to keep my feet up most of the day. However, I think part of his offering to rub my feet is just so that he can squeeze them tight and then marvel at how long it takes for the hand and finger indentations to go away. I guess I can't complain- it is rather cool to watch.

My pretty little feet, I miss you. Please come back soon.
The update from my last appointment:
Ezra is about 6.5 lbs (maybe a little bigger)
I still have the flu.
I'm all ready to have this baby except..
I'm not dilating at all.
Jed said that he would start me if I didn't go on my own in two weeks (he told me this last week). I'm going to ask him when I go this week if next Wednesday would be okay. I figure, I can't really have him when I want to (NOW would be good for me) so maybe we could at least give him a cool birth date [07-08-09].
I guess we will see on Wednesday what Jed thinks of that.


  1. That's so cool. I bet you can't wait to pop him out. Send lots of pics.