Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My babies!

Okay okay okay.. I know that I am adding a lot tonight, but I couldn't figure out what happened to my camera cable so I couldn't add new pictures. And now that I have it, I have to share all of my adventures from the previous weeks.
A few weeks ago I posted about my new Midnight kitty. Well.. I think its time for an update.
Life is going well here in the Jenks household. The cats are behaving rather nicely (most days) and only seem to be pains when we want to be near one of them. I think they suffer from severe jealousy. But that is okay. They are both lovely and are learning to be better friends. (Really I think they are secret friends when we aren't home to see.)
For now these are the only babies I have, so I have to share them with you all.
This one is my new baby Midnight. She is such a playful girl!

And this darling baby is my Belle! She loves to play in shopping bags so I have to leave them out for her when I bring them home.

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  1. We're crazy cat ladies :) Our cats (well, Stella) are even friends and mine invite themselves into your house. lol She's such a goof.