Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my new midnight

Today I've had a wonderful day!

When our receptionist is sick at work, I get to cover the front desk for her. Its not always so fun, because its harder to do my job from up there, but I get to visit with the president of the company (who doesn't talk a whole lot to me) and the other high up important people (most of which are lots of fun!) I also sit right between our IT groups and our customer service side of TCH (one of the many companies under Flying J that I work for.) Well.. for the past week and a half our receptionist Tiffanie - who is most lovely - has had the worst migraine of her life. She has missed quite a few days trying to get better, however it just wasn't working. But the doctor found something that cured her, but made her so loopy, so she had to take today off to recoup from her cure. (Silly how that works) So I covered the front desk, and because most of what I needed to do today was make phone calls and I couldn't do that from up front, I got to do projects for the many people I work with which made the day so much better. I don't typically look forward to talking to my French - Canadian friends at Shell Canada. Lovely day at work!

Then I came home and found that I had a recipe for French Crepes! YUMMY! I'd never made them before, and I don't usually attempt too many new foods without my mom being present, but I wanted them really bad so I made them for dinner. They were so so good! Its been years since I've had homemade crepes! Dinner was a success- and was super delicious! :)

Then.. just as I finished eating my yummy crepes with my wonderful husband, Lorraine (my amazing friend at work who can do everything and has saved me from pulling all my hair out more than once) showed up with my new present! A new kitty named Midnight! :) She is such a cute kitty and she is so friendly. Belle (my other cat) is having a hard time not being the only girl kitty anymore, but I'm sure they will get along fine eventually.

Midnight was once upon a time 2 years ago Lorraine's kitten. She lived with Lorraine and Lorraine's kids (and I believe her ex-husband too). When Lorraine and her husband separated, Lorraine and her kids moved down the road to an apartment where they couldn't have pets. Midnight was okay with this, since the neighbor across the street gave her the good food everytime she came to visit. So.. Midnight stayed an adopted pet by the neighbor. Well.. the neighbors Mom died and they had to sell the house and where they were moving they couldn't take the cat, so Midnight was yet again homeless. Lorraine told me the story and asked if I knew anyone who wanted a new cat. Of course I did, but for those of you who know my husband, you know this isn't exactly what he wanted. While he loves cats and wanted another one, he wasn't planning on it happening for awhile. BUT.. I get really upset when I know that something bad is going to happen to an innocent animal because someone can't take care of them and when I found out Midnight needed a home, I just couldn't say no. Well.. unless she is a pee-ing cat or she makes Belle become one. (I'm crossing my fingers and praying that both girls will be good and become such great kitten friends.)

She is adorable.. and I've never seen Belle quite so facinated and frustrated at the same time. I hope this change goes well..

I want to post a picture but I can't find my camera so I'll have to do it later.

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  1. We're both crazy cat ladies!!! Or we just have big hearts. Or both :)